Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I only receive my tickets a few days before the show instead of at my time of purchase?

There are two main reasons for this, both of which are the unfortunate result of too many hard-learned customer experiences. Firstly, receiving your tickets so close to your show date minimizes the potential risk of misplacing them; we've heard many instances of our ticket-buyers losing tickets they had purchased several months ago, only to be left stressed and empty-handed as they arrive at our lobby. Second, as suspicious ticketing transactions from less reputable (or even illegal) secondhand vendors rise across the live event industry, a shortened window such as this prevents scalpers and other questionable buyers from getting their hands on YOUR hard-earned tickets. We thank you for your patience and understanding through all this... every decision we make is to ensure our ticket-buyers are guaranteed the best and least-stressful experiences!

Do you have any assistive hearing devices?
We do have Telex listening assistance packs available for the hearing impaired, patrons just need to request it preferably in advance of the show.

Am I allowed to bring food or drinks with me?
No outside food or drinks are allowed inside the building.  For your convenience we have concession stands around the building that will be open during shows.

How can I rent the Auditorium for a special event?
For rental information, please contact our Senior Event Manager Michael Marcelynas at or call (978) 746. 8342 for his direct office line.

Am I Allowed to bring my camera?
Flash is not allowed, but we do allow small personal cameras.  No cameras with detachable lenses allowed.

Can I bring a bag with me?
Small bags and purses are allowed. No oversized purses or back packs, such as luggage, duffle bags, or industrial sized back packs (anything over 14”H x 14”W x 6”D).  All bags may be subjected to search.

What do I do if I've lost or misplaced my tickets?
Our Box Office Manager John Higgins is here to help recover any lost ticket information and can be reached at or call (978) 746. 8345 for his direct office line.

How can I become a sponsor?We have many different sponsorship opportunities available.  Please contact our Director of Community Partnerships, Deb Belanger, at

How do I become a volunteer usher?
For more information on how you can become a volunteer usher, please use our contact page and we will connect you with our House Manager Susan Shay for more info.

Where can I park?
Parking information can be hound on our directions page.

Do you have a detailed seating chart?
A numbered seating chart for our regular seating arrangement can be downloaded here.  For information on shows that require a different seating arrancement, please contact our Box Office Manager John Higgins at or call (978) 746. 8345 for his direct office line. 

Will I be allowed to reenter the building if I leave during a show?
We have a no re-admittance policy.

Unanswered Question?

Please feel free to fill out the form on our contact page here.